Sunday, May 18 & Satuday, May 24, 2014: Uganda Is Rich in Biodiversity… May 18 and 24

And here is a short list of the creatures we were fortunate enough to see.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens — May 18


Grey-crested crane

Pied kingfisher


Marabou stork

Cattle egret

African Open-billed stork

Black-masqued weaver

White-throated bee-eater

Woodland kingfisher

Eastern grey plantain eater

Red-chested sunbird

African wattled lapwing

African jacana

Speckled mousebird

Black-casqued hornbill

Pied crow

Queen Elizabeth National Park — May 24


African pied wagtail

Black-headed gonolek

Black-headed weaver

Helmeted guinea fowl

African fish eagle

Grey-crowned crane


Hadada ibis

Nile or Egyptian goose

Yellow bill stork

Thick knee

Yellow-billed oxpecker

Malachite kingfisher

Goliath heron

African skimmer

White-winged black tern

Pink-backed pelican

Grey heron

Black-winged stilt

Common green shank

African jacana

African spoonbill

Great white egret

Madagascar bee-eater

Long-tailed cormorant

Yellow-backed weaver

Black crick

Red-chested sunbird

African wattled lapwing

Great cormorant

Grey-headed gull

Red bishop




Water buck




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